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Soapbar (health hazard) "hash"

Let me clear my throat:

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Hopefully, the following will make you think twice about smoking soapbar:

"While reading Robert Connell Clarke's excellent book, Hashish, we came across a section on low-grade export quality Moroccan hash, known in the UK as Soap Bar. It seems that soap is made from only a very small percentage of resin glands (referred to as pollen), and up to 90% non-resin cannabis plant material which is bound together with bee's wax or pine resin and condensed milk as the mixture is too dry and powdery to be bound any other way. As the mixture is very green due to the high percentage of plant material, it is then coloured with instant coffee, gravy granules or henna to give it that sandy brown colour! In order to give it a slightly resinous look, turpentine is then added, which also disguises the taste!

Well, as growers with an abundance of leaf material left over from a crop, we couldn't help ourselves. We had to give it a try!

We sieved off 10 grams of resin glands (pollen), crushed up 200 grams of dried leaf and ran it through a sieve to reduce it to a very fine powder. We then heated this mixture in a bowl over boiling water and added 5 grams of bee's wax, five teaspoons of condensed milk powder, one teaspoon of turpentine, and a couple of pinches of instant coffee powder for colour. We continued to knead the heated mixture into a dough-like form, then pressed it under pressure and allowed it to cool. It bonded well into rock hard lumps, just like Soap Bar! To our delight, when we tested it with a flame, immediately we were treated with that old familiar smell of grade 'A' genuine Soap Bar! Crumbed like it too! Although there was virtually no resin glands in this so-called hash, we gave some to a friend and he had no complaints!!"

If, (like i was) you're thinking... shit no way. Then please send this link ( to as many people as you know. The only reason there is still a demand for this shite is that people don't know whats in it. If people know whats in it they'll be no demand. If there's no demand, people will stop buying it and the real wankers (the people who make this crap in the first place) will either go out of business or, hopefully use proper hash. (Oh, and it costs 7 to make 9oz... yes 250g).

Why's it called soapbar? Simple the 250g amount looks like a bar of soap.

Also, if you're trying to kid yourself into thinking you have proper sources for hash, the general rule is, if its not pollen (i.e. if its hard as a rock and requires a lighter to crumble) - its soap (depressing as this may seem). I seriously can't stress this enough, even if you don't want to believe it, unless you can crumble the stuff easily, using your fingernails, without lighting, then, I'm afraid, it's soap. See the pic below:

soapbar hash
Nomatter what you hear, the inside of good hash is NEVER black.

This (obviously :P) is primarily a games website, so if you have comments i'm sure the people at urban75 forums will be happy to educate you - particularly if you don't believe anything on this page.

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